HR Bill 6

HR 6 w/ Lyme Language Passes House

The 21st Century Cures Act, HR 6, passed the US House of Representatives with a vote of 344-77 today, July 10, 2015. The text of  HR 789 (Gibson),  Tick-Borne Disease Research Accountability and Transparency Act (2014), was included as Section 4061 of the Act.  See HR 6 Text and Report .     One minute video on House floor of remarks & thanks by Mr. Gibson

In the current 2015 Congress, the House Energy & Commerce Committee incorporated virtually intact that Lyme bill's language into its 21st Century Cures, an Act which addresses many health issues, but originally did not include Lyme.  Congressman Chris Gibson supported inclusion of the Lyme bill language into the Act. The LDA and a few other Lyme organizations provided input into 21st Century Cures Act in areas which could impact Lyme such as testing.

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) had extensive input into the development of the passed Lyme language and was integral to its 2014 passage  after LDA amassed  a nationwide effort to unite Lyme groups behind the Lyme bill (HR-789 Gibson, 2014), which saw House passage in September 2014. Congressman Chris Smith, House Lyme Caucus Co-Chair, was very supportive of the bill effort.  The Senate did not introduce such a Lyme bill, so the bill died with that 2014 Congress, but its language lives on in the 21st Century Cures

21st Century Cures now goes before the US Senate. Contact your US Senators today and request their support for 21st Century Cures with the inclusion of Section 4061, the Lyme language.

                                                    2016  2017        2018   2019    2020     2016-20

Lyme Disease and Other Tick-borne Diseases

-      Estimated Authorization Level    86    87     90    92      94      448
-      Estimated Outlays       25    67     81    87      92      351

* Table in millions of $$

The above amounts are subject to appropriations. The Appropriators may not address specific amounts on Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases research, but will provide monies overall for the NIH. This language does provide guidance to NIH.

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